I like to observe what is around me and like to capture the moment.

It might be homes or people, landscape or objects – I can find something interesting in most things and like to explore the beauty that lies within.

In order to explore, I love to travel.

Beginning my career I moved to Sweden and studied photography, followed by years of traveling Europe as a photographic assistant.

Two years of residence in Asia (Taiwan and Thailand) brought me a very new and different perspective and developed as well me as my photographic view.

These diverse experiences shaped the style of my pictures.

People say they are pure, bright and simple like the light in Scandinavia yet lively and positive like life in Asia and I guess the years abroad left their traces.

Today I live in Hanover, Northern Germany and work for international interior and architectural magazines, advertising agencies, commercial clients, architects, designers and book publishers.

I gladly devote my talent to my customers, to houses and things and enjoy meeting the people around those – I love my job!

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